TamyByTasH is the result of a collaboration between Tamara Nivillac - her platform N-POWERT and Natasha Angelentina from ByTasH.

Tamara and Natasha united forces and have created a line of necklaces and accessories called TamyByTasH. These necklaces are handmade by Natasha and are made out of recycled material. These recycled materials, consisting of second hand jeans, were gathered by Tamara and Natasha trough their platforms and are the basis of this whole collection.

The main goal for this collaboration is to encourage the collective feeling of collaborations, in this case specifically between women.

Just as each accessory is unique we want to emphasize that each one of us as women is an extraordinary creation. When you recognize your worth, you will be able to recognize it in someone else. When you are able to recognize that, working together will not diminish your own worth. On the contrary when you collaborate with someone you will only become more extraordinary and cause more impact.

Looking at the era we are living in, Tamara and Natasha hope to be an inspiration to others to stand up together and take action in doing something positive and creative.

For the photo shoot Tamara and Natasha united forces with the guru in the world of beauty, Aubrey America. Aubrey was in charge of the ladies' make-up and he himself was the photographer. Aubrey has been living in the Netherlands for the past two years and is the director of Aubrey America Multi talented

Production Company.

The launch of TamyByTasH was on Wednesday December 16th 2020. And the 2nd part of their collection will be available in may 2021.

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