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About ByTasH

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ByTasH's founder is Natasha Angelentina. A young woman whose unknown
passion for handmade fashion items grew into her brand called



With ByTasH she give's room to her creative side, expresses her love for creativity, fashion and uniqueness. She make's statement fashion pieces with recycled fabric yarn as the main material.

Because every single piece is handmade, while wearing ByTasH you will
always be one of a kind, which is something she really encourages everyone to be!
Be unique and boldly yourself, because everyone else is already taken.

"With ByTash I give myself, but also all woman around the world permission to BLOOM!

To be amazingly you, unapologetic you, successfully you. To be all you can be without reservation."

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With these handmade fashion pieces she doesn’t only want her friendstumers to feel beautiful on the outside, but Tash also wants to give women all around her a push off confidence -in a world so harsh- and remind them that they are worth being seen! And what better way than BOLD and UNIQUE statement fashion piece's to feel EMPOWERED to go conquer their goals and dreams.


As a handmade fashion brand ByTasH hopes to grow to be an internationally known brand and a DIY teacher. She want's to provide her current and future friendstumers with out of the box statement fashion items and fun DIY workshops using old fashion and modern techniques suitable for fabric and yarn.

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